20th Edition of Lorenzo Bandini Trophy

In 2013, no F1 driver will receive the Lorenzo Bandini  Trophy. In the 20th year of the award, the Honorary Committee of the Lorenzo Bandini Association has decided to award the trophy to the Vice President of the Scuderia Ferrari, Piero Ferrari.

This is in keeping with other special anniversary years such as the 30th anniversary of the death of Lorenzo Bandini, the trophy was presented to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and at the 10th edition of the event to Michael Schumacher.

Piero Ferrari (left) (c) Motorsport.com

The association’s President Francesco Asirelli explains: “Italy and Romagna in particular, have always had a soft spot for the “Ferrari”. The name expresses the best Formula 1, not only for patriotic spirit but because the “Ferrari” has been able to arouse emotions that are not within the reach of any other team. This has led us to identify the Vice President, the assignee of the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy in 2013, the 20th edition”

13 years after Jarno Trulli received the award, the trophy is back in the hands of an Italian. The ceremony will be held on Sunday June 2nd at a ceremony in Brisighella, Italy.

Click here for information on last year’s recipient of the award, Bruno Senna and previous year’s winner, Nico Rosberg.


F1 Quiz….again (II)

Following the success of the last F1 quizzes, I have decided to run another fun Twitter quiz during the F1 break. Participants get the chance to win F1 prize(s) – from McLaren and Ferrari sponsor, Santander.

The questions will be posted on Twitter (or Twitpic/my Blog for photo-round). From experience garnered at the last quiz, emailing your answers worked best although this time, time limits will be enforced strictly. Participants will be notified of the closing time to submit all their answers and once the score are tallied up, the winner will be announced.

In event of a tie, there will be a tie-breaker essay question, the best answer as selected by the prize-donor wins.

If you would like to participate or just “register your interest” in the quiz, follow me on Twitter @duskyBlogF1 & tweet me with hashtag #duskyF1Quiz. Join me for the quiz on Wednesday 22nd August* 7.30pm UK time. Good luck everyone! (* Provisional Date)

Follow @santanderGP on Twitter and enter their competition to win tickets to US GP by clicking here

Terms and Conditions:

  • If you would like to participate in the quiz, please follow me & tweet me with hashtag #duskyF1Quiz and I’ll send you the email address to forward your answers.
  • Ideally, I’d prefer if participants DIDN’T use internet searches but since I can’t police this, it is not disallowed
  • Please allow 28 days for the prize to reach you if you are the selected winner. The winner may be requested to contribute a percentage of the shipping costs if postage of the prize to their address exceeds the value of the item.
  • Judge’s decision is final and there is no cash alternative for the prize.
  • If the winner does not DM or email their postal address within 5 days of being pronounced the winner, then the prize will be awarded to the 2nd highest scorer. If that person doesn’t respond after 5 days too, then the prize is retained and may be donated to a charity.

Eugenio Amos: GT Endurance Driver

As explained on my blog header, my main interest is in F1 but recently, I have “stumbled upon” GT Racing and having interacted with some drivers via Twitter last year, I decided to follow the Blancpain Endurance season this year. One of the drivers I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with is Eugenio Amos.

Eugenio is 27 (his birthday was a few days ago) and he drives for Vita4OneItaly team – born out of Vita4One racing team. Eugenio and his team-mates already tasted success this year; finishing top of the Pro-Am class at the Monza’s season opener behind the wheel of the number #57 Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. And he has kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his racing career and aspirations.

Which races in the GT3 Blancpain series are you looking forward to the most?

For sure the race of Spa. Last year was my first time at the 24h (24 Hour race) and I was very excited and very concentrated on the race because (it) was the dream of my life to be there.Unfortunately my team mate crashed the car after 2h in a very stupid way. This year I want to win this race and all my efforts are focused on Spa. Dont forget that Spa has double points for the standings.

Your team is all-Italian: was that a conscious decision to have an all Italian team – Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Are your mechanics all Italian too?

All the team is Italian by coincidence, but when i realized that one of my team mate was italian, I spoke to Matteo Bobbi (team principal) and asked him to have a third Italian team mate! One of the pit stop crew guys is french, his name is Jose and he’s one of the best mechanics I ever had even if he’s french and we keep on teasing him!!

What is your goal for this season in Endurance racing?

Our plan is to win the championship. Everyone in the team is working really hard to reach this goal. The Vita4One Italy team needs to win as it’s a new team.