20th Edition of Lorenzo Bandini Trophy

In 2013, no F1 driver will receive the Lorenzo Bandini  Trophy. In the 20th year of the award, the Honorary Committee of the Lorenzo Bandini Association has decided to award the trophy to the Vice President of the Scuderia Ferrari, Piero Ferrari.

This is in keeping with other special anniversary years such as the 30th anniversary of the death of Lorenzo Bandini, the trophy was presented to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and at the 10th edition of the event to Michael Schumacher.

Piero Ferrari (left) (c) Motorsport.com

The association’s President Francesco Asirelli explains: “Italy and Romagna in particular, have always had a soft spot for the “Ferrari”. The name expresses the best Formula 1, not only for patriotic spirit but because the “Ferrari” has been able to arouse emotions that are not within the reach of any other team. This has led us to identify the Vice President, the assignee of the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy in 2013, the 20th edition”

13 years after Jarno Trulli received the award, the trophy is back in the hands of an Italian. The ceremony will be held on Sunday June 2nd at a ceremony in Brisighella, Italy.

Click here for information on last year’s recipient of the award, Bruno Senna and previous year’s winner, Nico Rosberg.


F1 Quiz….again (III)

Following the success of the last F1 quizzes, I have decided to run another fun Twitter quiz during the F1 break.  As with previous quizzes, participants get the chance to win F1 prize(s). However this time, this quiz is in collaboration with @TalkingaboutF1 who runs  #RetroF1. Visit his website here http://www.talkingaboutf1.com/

If you would like to participate or just “register your interest” in the quiz, follow @TalkingaboutF1 and @DuskyBlogF1 on Twitter & tweet us with hashtag #duskyF1Quiz. Join us for the quiz on Tuesday 15th January 2013 8.00pm UK time.

We’ll accept entries via email till Tuesday 29th January, 7.59pm – and we’ll send you the email address to forward your answers by direct message on Twitter.


Terms and Conditions:

  • If you would like to participate in the quiz, please follow me & @talkingAboutF1, and tweet us with hashtag #duskyF1Quiz and we’ll send you the email address to forward your answers.
    Ideally, we’d prefer if participants DIDN’T use internet searches but since we can’t police this, it is not disallowed
  • Entries sent from the same email address to both TalkingaboutF1’s and DuskyBlog’s accounts will count as one entry only, and only the lowest score will count.
  • Please allow 28 days for the prize to reach you if you are the selected winner. The winner may be requested to contribute a percentage of the shipping costs if postage of the prize to their address exceeds the value of the item.
  • Judge’s decision is final and there is no cash alternative for the prize.
  • If the winner does not DM or email their postal address within 5 days of being pronounced the winner, then the prize will be awarded to the 2nd highest scorer. If that person doesn’t respond after 5 days too, then the prize is retained and may be donated to a charity.

The Prizes i.e. Red Bull cap, McLaren 2013 calendar & F1Times T-shirt (M) have been contributed by @TalkingAboutF1 & @naijasolar.

@naijasolar is running the adidas Half-marathon for Red Bull Racing‘s charity, Wings For Life and has an eBay auction to sell some F1 memorabilia for the charity.

Wings for Life – Spinal Cord Research Foundation

Questions – set by @talkingAboutF1, can also be found on his blog here


1) Who scored fastest race lap in each of the following 2012 Grands Prix? 1 point each
a) Malaysia
b) China
c) Spain
d) Italy
e) India


FOTA Fans Forum – UK

This is a guest-blog by fans who attended the recent FOTA Fans Forum at Williams F1 Conference Centre, UK in the lead up to the British Grand Prix. It gives first-hand experience of their trip and provides details on some questions covered during the event.

1) How did you hear about the event?

I check the FOTA forum website regularly and I got a reminder about it from Twitter. It was easy to register (just email and name)

2) Venue and Turn-Out

The venue seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere – unsurprising for a F1 team! But the bus service from Oxford Train Station stopped right in front of the conference centre so it was a fairly painless experience.

The registration took a few minutes and we had the opportunity to visit the Williams museum/collection of cars. Refreshments were served in the trophy room. I saw a long queue which I was a bit surprised to learn was for Pastor Maldonado signatures – especially given his “interaction” with British driver, Lewis Hamilton at the last race! Turn-out was very good obviously helped by some fans who were heading to Silverstone from this event.

A very popular event

3) What questions were asked / answered by the guests of honour?

The only driver present was Pastor; the other personnel there were team-principals and “The Legends” – ex-F1 drivers. Topics discussed ranged from the Resource Restriction Agreement (RRA), DRS/Pirelli tyres, Development of new drivers and Stewards Consistency.

Mercedes-Engine partners

4) How was the host – did s/he facilitate questions or ask all of them?

Lee McKenzie is known for asking pressing questions and getting very interesting responses! She did well as this event’s host; she picked out several people/questions from different parts of the room. She also supported the guests’ responses with her own personal experience with drivers and media.

5) Did you get an opportunity to interact with the drivers/team-personnel afterwards?

Derek Warwick and John Watson signed autographs and Lee McKenzie had a chat with some keen fans at the end of the event.

Lee, with EJ and DC

6) Would you attend another event and do you have suggestions for improvements?

I definitely would attend another event. Someone I was speaking to suggested keeping the mic close to fans after their initial question to enable a follow-up to a response if desired. Also, given the turn-out, perhaps more time should have been allowed to take more questions.

7) What was your favourite or “stand out” moment of the whole experience/event?

The whole event was an amazing experience, especially the free entry into the Williams museum/car-collection – but the thing that stuck in my mind was what John Watson said about racing drivers having to be able to accept that death is part of their sport, and if anyone didn’t think they could stay calm after seeing a fellow driver injured after an accident (as he saw Gilles Villeneuve’s body after his fatal crash), then they should not be racing.

FOTA Fans Forum – Manhattan

This is a short interview by @rfzeitlin who attended the recent FOTA Fans Forum in Manhattan. (Click here for the Barcelona FOTA Fans Forum). 

1) How was registering for the event? How did you hear about it?

It definitely was easy to register, just a name and email address were required.  I saw a post on twitter and went from there.  There were also a few articles that mentioned it, but I think it could have been much better publicized.

(*It was only publicised on Twitter and via the trade press. These events do not need wider publicising, because registrations would have been more substantial, leading to potential disappointment for more people)

2) Venue and Turn-Out

The venue was very easy to find, right in the middle of the city, no problem at all.  I actually arrived by train to Grand Central, so it was an easy walk to the hall.  The registration book at check-in was very, very long and I know they actually shut down registration because of extremely high demand.  I was quite surprised there weren’t more people there.  I don’t think the turnout mattered to the quality of the event, but as someone with a particularly vested interest in the success of F1 in the US, I was disappointed there weren’t more fans there.

(*Actual attendance figure was over 200 from 600 who registered for the FOTA Forum event but could not/did not attend)

3) What questions were asked / answered by the guests of honour?

The drivers present were Paul di Resta, Alexander Rossi, Sergio Perez (a treat, considering his Montreal podium), and Charles Pic.

Sergio Perez (Photo from @salukiconvert)

Before they came on, the panel started with Graeme Lowdon (Marussia) and Bob Fernley (Sahara Force India). There were a good number of interesting questions tossed out at these guys, including my personal favorite asking what the gents would change if they were Bernie for a day.


Annoying F1 Mistakes

Annoying mis-use of F1 name/terms

KERS System – this is a tautology as KERS stands for Kinetic Energy Recovery System

DRS System – see “KERS System”

Grand Prix(s) – Plural of Grand Prix is Grands Prix or the more commonly accepted, Grand Prix

Torro Rosso – Correct spelling is Toro Rosso

“Daniel Ricky-ardo” – His name is actually pronounced Daniel Riccardo

JensEn Button – Should be Jenson Button

Louis Hamilton – Not sure why people spell Lewis Hamilton’s name like this

And for Alternative F1 Definitions, click here.

Bruno Senna awarded 2012 Bandini Trophy

Bruno Senna, Formula 1 driver for Williams F1 will receive the Lorenzo Bandini trophy in 2012. The 19th Lorenzo Bandini Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday July 15th, at 18:00hrs at the Amphitheatre in Via Spada, Brisighella, province of Ravenna.

The “Trofeo Lorenzo Bandini” is a prize awarded in memory of Italian racecar driver Lorenzo Bandini. Established in 1992 by Bandini’s hometown of Brisighella, it is presented to an outstanding figure from the world of motor racing. Previous winners include Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso

“The committee decided that Bruno Senna is the driver who has developed the most in 2012,” said the vice president and event organizer, Francesco Assirelli.

Eugenio Amos: GT Endurance Driver

As explained on my blog header, my main interest is in F1 but recently, I have “stumbled upon” GT Racing and having interacted with some drivers via Twitter last year, I decided to follow the Blancpain Endurance season this year. One of the drivers I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with is Eugenio Amos.

Eugenio is 27 (his birthday was a few days ago) and he drives for Vita4OneItaly team – born out of Vita4One racing team. Eugenio and his team-mates already tasted success this year; finishing top of the Pro-Am class at the Monza’s season opener behind the wheel of the number #57 Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. And he has kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his racing career and aspirations.

Which races in the GT3 Blancpain series are you looking forward to the most?

For sure the race of Spa. Last year was my first time at the 24h (24 Hour race) and I was very excited and very concentrated on the race because (it) was the dream of my life to be there.Unfortunately my team mate crashed the car after 2h in a very stupid way. This year I want to win this race and all my efforts are focused on Spa. Dont forget that Spa has double points for the standings.

Your team is all-Italian: was that a conscious decision to have an all Italian team – Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Are your mechanics all Italian too?

All the team is Italian by coincidence, but when i realized that one of my team mate was italian, I spoke to Matteo Bobbi (team principal) and asked him to have a third Italian team mate! One of the pit stop crew guys is french, his name is Jose and he’s one of the best mechanics I ever had even if he’s french and we keep on teasing him!!

What is your goal for this season in Endurance racing?

Our plan is to win the championship. Everyone in the team is working really hard to reach this goal. The Vita4One Italy team needs to win as it’s a new team.


Top 5 F1 Brands of 2011

Sponsorship in Formula 1 is a lucrative business; with global audiences of  half a billion people, there is no shortage of brands and businesses wanting to plaster their logos on the cars and drivers.

2011 saw Red Bull claim the World Drivers’ Championship and the Constructor’s Championship too in F1, and they also triumphed in the battle of the brands (see graph from SPORT+MARKT)

Ranking of Top 5 Brands by Media Value in Formula 1 (in $million USD, 2011)

Red Bull (Red Bull Racing) topped the TV media value with almost 200million US$, followed by LG (F1 partner). Pirelli (tyre supplier to all F1 teams) and Vodafone (McLaren) each managed to bring in just over half of Red Bull’s total, and USB (another F1 partner) was the fifth ranked top brand by media value in F1.

2012 is a shaping up to be a more challenging year for Red Bull Racing so perhaps they might take a dent in their “media value”. Also, Lucozade’s more prominent branding on McLaren cars and 2012 being an Olympic Year might propel them into the Top 5 soon.

McLaren Rear Wing

Maria de Villota: F1 Test Driver

A few weeks ago, Marussia Racing team announced that Maria de Villota would be their test driver for the 2012 season. This was a significant announcement as there had not been a female racer in F1 since Italy’s Giovanni Amati entered 3 GPs in 1992.

Maria comes from a racing family: her father Emilio de Villota was a Formula 1 driver, her brother (also called Emilio)  has raced in the Spanish Formula Three Championship and Maria herself had recently been racing in the SuperLeague Formula series. So it is an honour to be granted an interview by the driver and I hope this gives you an insight her role at Marussia and her goals for the future.

What does your role as reserve/test driver involve?

I am test driver, and my role is simulator work, aero testing, and joining the team in every test and race. Of course this includes media activity as well as helping my team in anything they need me for. 

 So  a typical race weekend for you is ….

Briefings with the team, share information and evolutions, walk the track,  watch data, some media, events with our sponsors,  train myself in the gym. Great opportunity to improve my skills. 

What is your goal for this season?

Learn as much as possible and do a good job every day and test. I want to show that I deserve a place in F1 for next year. 


Guest Blog on Australian GP trip

Thanks to @smiling_sarah for agreeing to be interviewed on her trip to Australia for the Grand Prix.

What was your budget and how long in advance did you book flights and accomodation?

I booked my flights in September which cost about £1000, My best friend lives in Melbourne about a half hour walk from Albert Park so I stayed with her.

On arrival how were the locals and temperature?

Temperature for march was perfect mid-late 20’s, it can be colder than that cos it’s their autumn. The locals were very friendly.

Food/availability and variety?

Amazing food, it’s a multicultural city so variety is very good. Al fresco dining is what their all about so you will see loads of cafe’s with outside seating. If you like coffee then Melbourne is the place to go; there are no coffee shop chains, they are all independent shops.

Did you get to go into team-garages or close to them?

I had Silver GP advantage tickets, which included breakfast on the thursday, access to the GP advantage bar, a free gift (coffee cup) and pit lane walk in the morning and afternoon on the thursday.

 How easy or difficult was it getting from track to hotel?

I walked to the track every day but they tripled the number of trams running to albert park and back although the queues were massive. Not sure on the cost.