Formula One Fans Forum (FOFF*)

Adam Parr has been vocal about Formula One Fans demanding more of the sport. He has made several comments on his Twitter feed and on his website to this effect. He believes fans should exercise their power and pool together to get more from the sport.

Adam Parr

(c) Autosport Magazine

He has suggested some sort of Formula One Fans Forum (FOFF* is a Working Title, of course!). In a recent interview with F1inPubsCast (from 20mins36) , he said:

“The fans need to get organised, they are the most important stakeholders in the sport and they need to get organised and have a voice.”

Drawing an analogy with football: “The last thing [Bernie, the FIA] want is an organised group of fans. In football, the toughest part of the job for the CEO or owner is dealing with the fans. They are held to account by a fairly organised group of people … who can get rid of managers by endless booing”

In terms of who leads it, Adam is not volunteering for this role: “If a group of fans … creates a forum, writes a constitution etc, I’d love to help them”

Adam Parr also made similar comments in his interview with Autosport. So do you agree with Adam, do you think Formula 1 fans can create a forum and have more control of what happens in F1? Adam’s book “The Art of War” is available Hardcover or as an e-Book.


Respect your elders(?)

Paul di Resta (previously managed by Anthony Hamilton, now by Jenson Button’s management) made some comments about Michael Schumacher at the Autosport Show. Several F1 fans were not amused by his comments.

@mcrisever  …. don’t like Di Resta words about Schumacher , he’s young and inexpert , this comment can give him big headaches with F1 people

@Sky_Ller: …. a bit rude

Judge for yourself  (scroll to 1min30 in the video below)

F1 Quiz….again (III)

Following the success of the last F1 quizzes, I have decided to run another fun Twitter quiz during the F1 break.  As with previous quizzes, participants get the chance to win F1 prize(s). However this time, this quiz is in collaboration with @TalkingaboutF1 who runs  #RetroF1. Visit his website here

If you would like to participate or just “register your interest” in the quiz, follow @TalkingaboutF1 and @DuskyBlogF1 on Twitter & tweet us with hashtag #duskyF1Quiz. Join us for the quiz on Tuesday 15th January 2013 8.00pm UK time.

We’ll accept entries via email till Tuesday 29th January, 7.59pm – and we’ll send you the email address to forward your answers by direct message on Twitter.


Terms and Conditions:

  • If you would like to participate in the quiz, please follow me & @talkingAboutF1, and tweet us with hashtag #duskyF1Quiz and we’ll send you the email address to forward your answers.
    Ideally, we’d prefer if participants DIDN’T use internet searches but since we can’t police this, it is not disallowed
  • Entries sent from the same email address to both TalkingaboutF1’s and DuskyBlog’s accounts will count as one entry only, and only the lowest score will count.
  • Please allow 28 days for the prize to reach you if you are the selected winner. The winner may be requested to contribute a percentage of the shipping costs if postage of the prize to their address exceeds the value of the item.
  • Judge’s decision is final and there is no cash alternative for the prize.
  • If the winner does not DM or email their postal address within 5 days of being pronounced the winner, then the prize will be awarded to the 2nd highest scorer. If that person doesn’t respond after 5 days too, then the prize is retained and may be donated to a charity.

The Prizes i.e. Red Bull cap, McLaren 2013 calendar & F1Times T-shirt (M) have been contributed by @TalkingAboutF1 & @naijasolar.

@naijasolar is running the adidas Half-marathon for Red Bull Racing‘s charity, Wings For Life and has an eBay auction to sell some F1 memorabilia for the charity.

Wings for Life – Spinal Cord Research Foundation

Questions – set by @talkingAboutF1, can also be found on his blog here


1) Who scored fastest race lap in each of the following 2012 Grands Prix? 1 point each
a) Malaysia
b) China
c) Spain
d) Italy
e) India

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First Formula E(lectric) team is British!

Drayson Racing Formula E Team is “Go”

British team is first official entry to be approved by the FIA in new global electric championship 

Drayson Racing Technologies LLP (DRT), the pioneering low-carbon motorsport R&D business, announced today at the Low Carbon Racing Conference that the Drayson Racing Formula E Team is the first team to have agreed with Formula E Holdings (the promoter) to be officially proposed to the FIA as one of the 10 teams taking part in the Championship starting in 2014.

The Oxfordshire, UK-based outfit is the first team to commit to the zero-emissions series and will run in the inaugural season of the Championship in 2014, featuring cars racing on city street circuits powered exclusively by renewable electric energy. Drayson will field a two driver attack and is already talking to a number of the world’s leading racing drivers about seats with the team. During 2013, it will work with Spark and Formula E Holdings to test the Formula E customer car and to promote the championship around the world in the 10 host cities planned for the first season.

Drayson Racing will run the new Formula E customer racing car in 2014 which will be supplied by the promoter Formula E Holdings and is currently being developed by Spark and McLaren.

Lord Drayson, Team Principal of Drayson Racing commented: “We are hugely excited about the prospect of competing in the opening season of FIA Formula E. We aim to be one of the front runners from the start, leveraging the knowhow we’ve built up over the past two years working on electric drivetrains and developing our 200 mph electric Le Mans prototype. We believe that FIA Formula E has very significant commercial potential, it will attract new fans and new sponsors to motorsport and is on track to become the world’s leading environmentally sustainable global sporting event.”

Lord Drayson & Alejandro Agag

Alejandro Agag, Chief Executive Officer of FEH, said: “Today is a very special day for the FIA Formula E Championship. Announcing Drayson Formula E team as the first of the 10 teams proposed to take part in the competition is a very important step in the creation of the first sustainable global motor sport Championship.

“Having a team like Drayson join our ranks, gives the FIA Formula E a true electric racing DNA, as the British company represents, like no other, the passion for research and technology in the field of green motor sport.

“Lord Drayson is a true pioneer in electric racing, and our championship identifies completely with his goals and his ambitions. We look forward to see the Drayson Formula E Team racing in the heart of great cities around the world, first with the Spark customer car, and then with his own technology, that will contribute to the advance of electric cars in our cities.”

Split F1 Coverage – A Year On

Shortly after the announcement that UK F1 coverage was to be shared between BBC and S*y, I wrote a blog post explaining what I would only be watching the sport on the BBC (see article here). A year has passed and on the whole, I have stuck to my convictions (and boycotted S*y – with the exceptions of YouTube clips). While I appreciate why some presenters choose to work for S*y, I still have reservations about the company itself.

Nonetheless, I wanted to examine how both broadcasters have fared in the first year of “split coverage” but since I have not been watching S*y, I have asked 4 viewers to answer a few questions and give me their verdict on the first year of split F1 coverage in the UK.

For each of the following categories, score each from 1 (poor) – 3 (average) – 5 (excellent):

The Presenters & Analysists (Average Scores)

  1. Simon Lazenby = 2.5
  2. Georgie Thompson = 2.25
  3. Martin Brundle = 4.5
  4. Ted Kravitz = 4.5
  5. Jake Humphrey = 4.5
  6. David Coulthard = 4.75
  7. Gary Anderson = 4.75
  8. Lee McKenzie = 3.75

Pre-show features / Post Race Interviews, based on Content, Duration, Variety

  1. S*y = 3.5
  2. BBC = 4.5
Best Feature / Article / Interview from BBC:
AM: In general, their Intro pieces, the Forum & a more light-hearted nature of the presenting team. Gary Anderson’s technical pieces are very informative & I enjoy Ben Edwards’ enthusiastic commentary very slightly over David Croft.
TN: Not so much a feature but BBC got the scoop of the year with the Hamilton to Mercedes story. Best Interview was Lee McKenzie’s with Lewis on leaving Mclaren as part of Brazil build-up.
K: I think the BBC red button stuff after the race is really good and better than post-race stuff they broadcast.
SB: The BBC F1 forum; this is viewing brilliance and is unbeatable.
Best Feature / Article / Interview from S*y:
AM: Use of their S*y pad to analyse key race moments in detail, Ted Kravitz’s Qualifying & Race notebooks to bring more detail into parts of the race weekend we may have missed & having a weekly magazine show in their F1 Show on Fridays to catch up with the latest news.
TN: A piece featuring old reel-to-reel tape recordings of James Hunt and Aryton Senna. I found this a fascinating evocative feature
K: Damon Hill is a bit wooden when he’s talking/ interviewing on sky. Impressed by S*y’s build up. Love Martin Brundle just not sure the team with him is as good. Still watch BBC over sky coverage.
SB: Best feature on S*y is Tooned!

Which areas of both broadcasters’ coverage do you think could be improved?

AM: S*y Coverage could be improved with a little less seriousness in their presenting team. Johnny Herbert provides some light relief to their team but it just seems like its too much a case of “stick to the script”. After starting the season with a lot of adverts in the pre-race coverage, S*y then stated they would have an hour of uninterrupted build up, but this seemed to be abandoned towards the end of the season. There are also a lot of random fillers in the S*y coverage on either side of the ads, such as a 60-second recap of the race that has just finished when returning from advert in the post-race coverage. Over the course of a race coverage show these fillers do add up where the time could be used more effectively.
BBC coverage I class as excellent in every way, yes Eddie Jordan has his critics, but I believe he does have an ability to get an impromptu interview with anyone which is something S*y are lacking. Having some more of the on-board options that S*y is able to carry would be better, but that could be more down to what they are able to provide on their Red Button.

TN: Obviously the BBC’s coverage could be improved by having all races live – but we know that’s not going to happen. On S*y, I’m still not warming to Simon Lazenby. He just seems to lack charisma and comes across as slightly awkward. Damon is a lovely guy and great world champion but it has to be said that his punditry can be dull. I wish S*y would make more use of Anthony Davidson. He has both insight and wit – he’s wasted stuck next to Georgi Thompson on the S*yPad. His analysis on the S*yPad is so insightful but he could do so much more!

SB: BBC will have a hard time replacing Jake and making it look as natural. More schedule time dedicated on race days would allow a few more features. If anything, I’d like to see Gary Anderson get involved with more features. S*y miss the charisma that the BBC has, it at times looks really forced and tries to dumb down a little too much, something that S*y Sports in general have always been guilty of. The race centre is a very pointless feature i think, just showing replays and close-ups could be done without the gimmick of a giant touch screen.

How do you feel about Suzi Perry replacing Jake Humphrey on BBC team?

AM: Suzi Perry knows her Motorsport, albeit having a 2-wheeled background in MotoGP. Having watched her presenting MotoGP coverage, she has proved very knowledgable in that field & I believe she will be a welcome addition to the BBC team & a worthy replacement of Jake.

TN: I don’t know Suzi well so I’m reserving judgement. However its hard to see how the DC, EJ, JH chemistry can be replicated. The same would apply to Lee – Jake is such a hard act to follow.

SB: As good as Lee is at what she does, presenting is a different ball game and i don’t feel she has the screen presence or natural ability to do this. Being familiar with the gadget show makes me think that Suzi will be a very strong replacement, she is natural, and good humoured and will be a match for DC and EJ.

Any other comments?

AM: A final comment about Sky, with a fully dedicated F1 channel & the vast library of F1 archive footage available, there is a distinct lack of programming for the majority of the day. Even during the season, most of the time viewers are left with repeats of the same features on an hourly basis & now during the off season that has been replaced by constant highlights & race repeats of the 2012 season. Surely with the archive footage they could show season highlights from decades past or full race footage from races during some of those periods? This would be so much better for new fans of the sport & give them a better understanding of the history of F1 (in much the same way how BBC show highlights of past seasons in the week building up to a Grand Prix on their red button)

SB: Both Broadcasters have done a good job all in all, but the BBC are still miles ahead, they package a product in a very simple way without having to overcomplicate things bringing in the experts and interviews at the right time, they do have experience on their side so it will be interesting as to what year 2 will bring.

Competition: 2012 F1 Season Review DVD

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To kick off 2013 in style, duskyBlogF1 is giving 5 lucky tweeps the opportunity to win a copy of the 2012 F1 Season Review. Release Date: 7th January 2013, RRP £13.99.


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Do Not Disturb…

We are approaching the last few days of the year. Ideally, we would be spending this time with our families and taking a break from Twitter. So please do not disturb me unless…. there is news on these F1-related events in the next few weeks.

  1. Drivers for the spare seats at Force India & Caterham Formula 1 teams are named
  2. Launch dates for remaining 8 teams are announced (McLaren, Force India and Sauber will unveil theirs on 31th Jan, 1st Feb, 5th Feb 2013 respectively)
  3. Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) Fan Forum Survey is published
  4. Election of new chair-persons for Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) and Grand Prix Driver Association (GPDA) gets underway
  5. Norbert Haug’s replacement at Mercedes is announced
  6. Pirelli announces their test driver(s)
  7. Remaining 8 cities to host Formula E Championship are decided
  8. @Burn (Lotus_F1Team partner) is providing Tweeps with a sample of their drink
  9. Ferrari and Ducati WROOOM ski-meet is being streamed live as Alonso, Massa, Hayden and Dovizioso (who replaces Valentino Rossi at Ducati) race in Fiat 500s
  10. The presently unknown “TBC” F1 race is named

Until then…

Merry Christmas (c) @R4thbone

Lewis Hamilton invites you to Malta

Lewis Hamilton will be the main guest at Paqpaqli Ghall-Istrina 2012 – a large annual motoring event in Malta, in what is most likely his LAST sponsor activity for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

This year on Sunday 9th December 2012, it will be the 7th edition of Paqpaqli Ghall-Istrina and it will be held at the Malta International Airport.

Warning: Sound Quality is not perfect.

Videos via Michael Filletti ‏@mikef28

Autosport Awards 2012 – Winners

Sunday 2nd December is the 2012 Autosport Awards ceremony. The event was held at the Grosvenor Hotel in London.

Photo (c) Amy Wozencroft

Live Commentary is available:

List of Winners:

British Club Driver of the Year Award: Scott Malvern

National Driver of the Year Award: Gordon Shedden

1st Pioneering and Innovation Award: FIA medical team, acknowledging the remarkable work of Professor Sid Watkins

2nd Pioneering and Innovation Award: Nissan DeltaWing

1st John Bolster Award for Technical Excellence:  Peter Sauber

2nd John Bolster Award for Technical Excellence:  Bob Dance

Rally Car of the Year: Citroen DS3 WRC

Rookie of the Year Award: Matheo Tuscher

British Competition Driver: Jenson Button

Racing Car of the Year: Red Bull RB8

International Racing Driver: Sebastian Vettel (for the 3rd consecutive year)

Comments and Feedback:

Most motorsport fans assumed that the event would be available as a live stream online but were bitterly disappointed to find out that it wasnt the case this year. Some suggested it had something to do with Autosport’s recent announcement of a quote for non-subscribers. However, sponsors missed a trick by not insisting on live feed. Despite the unfortunate music choices during the un-censored live streamed event last year, sponsors’ logos were very visible during the awards.

There was also some consternation about Button being awarded the British Competition Driver of the Year. It must be noted that the nomination form was printed in an edition of Autosport with Button on the cover and the driver is known to host dinners for british journalists every year at the last race. Some also pointed out that Hamilton might have lost out since he recently announced his move from a British team McLaren to German team, Mercedes.

 ‏@EwanMarshall : Eh? So Hamilton has one of his best ever seasons yet loses the British Competition Driver award to Button?

 ‏@TalkingaboutF1 : Jenson voted British Competition Driver of 2012 ahead of Lewis. I don’t get that.

What did you think of the winners? Do you agree? Did you vote, if not, why not? Did you know much about the awards and the nomination/voting process? Is it reflective of most F1 fans opinions?

Motorsport Business Forum – Austin, 2012

To mark its return, KHP and its long-standing partner, the MotorSport Business Forum (MSBF), supported by payment solutions experts Rêv Worldwide, hosted the inaugural Texas Business Symposium in Austin, Texas on behalf of Red McCombs and Bobby Epstein, co-founders and investors of the Circuit of The Americas.
The full list of speakers  –  made up of Team Heads, Stakeholders, Series officials, Sponsors and Commercial Directors – were as follows:
  • Red McCombs, Founder of McCombs Partners and co-founder of Circuit of The Americas (Welcome Address)
  • Nick Fry – CEO Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team (Keynote Address)
  • Paul Hembery – Head of Pirelli Motorsport
  • Roy Sosa – Founder, Chairman and CEO of  Rêv Worldwide
  • Geoff McGrath – Managing Director of McLaren Applied Technologies
  • Mehul Kapadia, Vice President of Commercial Alliances and Sponsorships and Tata Communications.
  • Graeme Lowdon – President & Sporting Director at Marussia F1 Team
  • Pablo de Villota – Formula 1 Sponsorship Manager at Banco Santander
  • Bobby Epstein  Co-founder and Chairman at Circuit of The Americas

Here are excerpts from @rachelclarkef1’s notes and @MSBForum’s tweets from the event

Nick Fry: “Typically, teams spend $200m a year because there are so many people and because of the rate of development of technology. We start designing in July, design and develop till Christmas, then start manufacturing, ready to go at the end of January, test for a couple of months, start racing in Australia in March, race through to November in 20 locations.  For major corporations who want to advertise globally, there is nothing like it [F1]. Not dissimilar to Olympics or World Cup. It is a significant marketing opportunity”.

“This leads to different opportunities all around the world. We are good at going into emerging economies early on and getting a high level of interest early. We have been adding new venues regularly. That number will continue to grow, substituting European events. Russia and Mexico show huge demand for races, amplifying the marketing benefit”

“As an example, Airtel (India) decided to sponsor one race for Mercedes. They did an advert, got 2.5million views of the video in 2 days. Another unique aspect is technology. The people who watch are interested in the technology behind the car. Tech is important and what we need to do is to combine it with entertainment. Technology spins off to other areas, not just automotive. There are about 45,000 people who work in associated areas; all highly paid, signficant tech jobs”.

“The spin-offs are into defence, space, aerospace. The technology on cars, the composites, the electronics, the engine, the telemetry,  energy recovery etc is being used in lots of other areas of business. For example, train industry and fly-wheels, buses using hybrid tech. In our own case, the energy recovery system is going into the SLS Mercedes car. Next version is purely electric, all technology developed with help of F1 team. These are examples of direct spin-offs”.

Challenges: Like most sports, one of the main problems is with costs. Money is difficult to raise. Teams at the back and middle of the grid are struggling. We need to bring down costs. The benefits of winning are huge, so people spend vast amounts of money to be successful, to get more TV and publicity. And the FIA is trying with things like DRS, which allow overtaking; this keeps the excitement with more passing (and keeps viewers engaged).

Photo from MSBForum (c) @MSBForum

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