Vettel boycotts Webber’s Farewell party

According to BILD website (responsible for breaking the story on Timo’s departure from Marussia and other credible F1 stories), World Championship leader Sebastian Vettel boycotted his current team-mate’s leaving party at the last European race of the season.

It is well known in the paddock that these two drivers are not on each other’s Christmas Card list but this seems like an over-the-top boycott and a missed opportunity to bury the hatchet.

BILD says:

The World Champion sat down one floor alone at a table and played with his phone. [At the party], chatted Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn, the world champion Jenson Button (McLaren) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). Frank Williams was carried up the stairs in a wheelchair.

“We are no longer friends. But we respect each other”, said the Vettel 2 hours before. But the fifth-year team-mates have escalated the feud: crash manoeuvers at the start (Brazil 2012) and team orders (Malaysia) – and now the boycott.

A few weeks ago, on the popular motoring show TopGear, Webber was asked if he would miss his team-mate, and he replied after a long pause; “Probably not much”


With his newly announced team-mate Daniel Ricciardo, it is hoped that a mutual respect and perhaps friendship can develop and be maintained. But with 3 World Constructor Championships from the Vettel and Webber partnership, it shows you don’t have to be best friends with your team-mate to have a successful F1 team.

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