Formula One Fans Forum (FOFF*)

Adam Parr has been vocal about Formula One Fans demanding more of the sport. He has made several comments on his Twitter feed and on his website to this effect. He believes fans should exercise their power and pool together to get more from the sport.

Adam Parr

(c) Autosport Magazine

He has suggested some sort of Formula One Fans Forum (FOFF* is a Working Title, of course!). In a recent interview with F1inPubsCast (from 20mins36) , he said:

“The fans need to get organised, they are the most important stakeholders in the sport and they need to get organised and have a voice.”

Drawing an analogy with football: “The last thing [Bernie, the FIA] want is an organised group of fans. In football, the toughest part of the job for the CEO or owner is dealing with the fans. They are held to account by a fairly organised group of people … who can get rid of managers by endless booing”

In terms of who leads it, Adam is not volunteering for this role: “If a group of fans … creates a forum, writes a constitution etc, I’d love to help them”

Adam Parr also made similar comments in his interview with Autosport. So do you agree with Adam, do you think Formula 1 fans can create a forum and have more control of what happens in F1? Adam’s book “The Art of War” is available Hardcover or as an e-Book.

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