Austin GP Experience

Local F1 fan @McChiken116_TS was at the inaugural Austin Grand Prix and this was his experience of the event.

Trip: We live in Texas, so my family just drove up from Houston, and this was the big family vacation. On arrival, the locals were the friendly Texans and friendly F1 fans I had expected. It was a tad colder than I thought it might be.

Weather: The swing in temperatures meant that you had to be prepared to bundle up in the morning, and shed layers as the day went on. And I noticed on the last two days they kinda gave up on trying to stop people bringing water into the complex.

Food: The array of food available at the track reminded me of how diverse Austin is, and I thought it was great they got local food trucks involved.

Transport to and From Track: The Shuttle service was excellent and we never had to wait in the morning. The only wait we had was after the race on Sunday.

Viewing Buddies: The mix of people around me and my family was very surprising. All sorts of people from everywhere in the world. It was great. We tried to get a few Fanvisions but they were always sold out when we tried, so we sat next to a big screen. We stayed after a while to eat, and mingle with the fellow fans. (And of course I had to bask in a McLaren Victory)

I have to say Jenson Button had a fantastic drive. As did Massa. Also, I can’t help but like the Marussias and Caterhams.

Tweeting from Track: As weird as this sounds, if I wanted to use the internet, it meant going into a portapotty due to those having great signals. On friday, the internet was fine though, but the last two days the AT&T system kinda freaked out under the load.

This was my first GP in 12 years, so I have to say I enjoyed it much more this time since last time I was too young to enjoy it. I loved the noise and the atmosphere, and if you can see one race (That isn’t Monaco) this is the race to go to.

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