Singapore GP Experience

Guest Blog from a follower (@gurlStrange) who was at the Singapore Grand Prix last weekend.
“You are local to Singapore but how did you find getting to the track on race weekend?”
It might get a little tricky the first time but once you know your way around, it shouldn’t be that difficult. There are plenty of hotels near the circuit park and even if you don’t live in a hotel nearby, transportation isn’t very expensive. The best way of commuting during the F1 weekend are the trains.
“Some drivers complained about the humidity; how hot did it get?”
It was blistering hot and humid. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and am still not used to this weather. You can bring water into the circuit and bring a portable fan with you and if possible try to get your way around the circuit by passing through air-conditioned malls/shopping centres.
“What was the view from your seat?”
I was watching the race from a screen at The Padang after Noel Gallagher’s live set (there were 4 big screens to watch the race from). So it was a very international crowd. You’re watching the race sitting on the grass, it felt like having a picnic at an outdoor cinema. I’ve watched the race from the Grandstand seats from previous years, and I actually prefer being at The Padang for some reason. I think it’s just me.

The live-music entertainment was free. However, performances at the “Village Stage” are only accessible for patrons who have access to Zone 1 of the circuit.

“Which cars/drivers impressed you the most?”
I saw Mark Webber and Sebastian Buemi at the Infiniti Red Bull event on Wednesday night. And then on Thursday, there was a Red Bull private party at a mall – Orchard Central which saw Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber greeting fans and getting mobbed. There’s a YouTube video!

Webber, 2012 Singapore GP

“Highlights of the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix experience?”
I went to Ferrari garage on Sunday after winning the twitter contest from Santander. That was pretty much the highlight of my weekend.
“Lucky you! How did that happen?”
I was just searching on twitter about the race, and happened to see a tweet about the contest so from then on I kept my eyes peeled. It was Sunday 2am (SGT) and I was about to head to bed before @SantanderGP tweeted the contest. I replied immediately and got a DM after 30 mins, saying to meet them at the venue by 4:30pm.
It’s great to meet other ladies who were F1 fans. It’s a good initiative by Santander to allow more women to learn, appreciate the sport better. During the tour, we walked along the paddock and saw things we could only see on television before. You see reporters and journalists running around chasing individuals for interviews. Even got a chance to see Red Bull’s Christian Horner getting interviewed and that was after we saw David Coulthard strolling past us.

We were told the atmosphere in the paddock gets crazier later in the evening. We walked along the team marquees which were arranged according to 2011’s championship standings. And after we were done walking along the paddock, we were taken into Ferrari’s garage. Again, it was something you only saw on TV so it was surreal to see engineers and mechanics running around busy working on the cars for the race that night. Overall, it was definitely a very cool experience!
Would you recommend this event to others?
I’ve had a chat with several tourists who were at this year’s Singapore GP and they seemed to really enjoy it and loved the atmosphere. Not sure if they’re just being nice but it seems like they will be recommending their mates to this event 🙂

Thank you for the interview and photos. You can tweet or follow @gurlStrange on Twitter if you have more questions about this event.

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