Annoying F1 Mistakes

Annoying mis-use of F1 name/terms

KERS System – this is a tautology as KERS stands for Kinetic Energy Recovery System

DRS System – see “KERS System”

Grand Prix(s) – Plural of Grand Prix is Grands Prix or the more commonly accepted, Grand Prix

Torro Rosso – Correct spelling is Toro Rosso

“Daniel Ricky-ardo” – His name is actually pronounced Daniel Riccardo

JensEn Button – Should be Jenson Button

Louis Hamilton – Not sure why people spell Lewis Hamilton’s name like this

And for Alternative F1 Definitions, click here.

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  1. Toro Rosso is misleading: “Where was the double one – in toro or rosso? Let’s play safe and put it on both places.” Instead, just do a lookup on the WWW.

    Louis vs. Lewis – because in some languages both are almost the same, and some people, for example in France, don’t really care that my ID card says “Kiril” – they write: “Cyril”

    JensEn vs. Jenson – perhaps people are too much into cars and make subconscious connection to Jensen Interceptor


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