Eugenio Amos: GT Endurance Driver

As explained on my blog header, my main interest is in F1 but recently, I have “stumbled upon” GT Racing and having interacted with some drivers via Twitter last year, I decided to follow the Blancpain Endurance season this year. One of the drivers I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with is Eugenio Amos.

Eugenio is 27 (his birthday was a few days ago) and he drives for Vita4OneItaly team – born out of Vita4One racing team. Eugenio and his team-mates already tasted success this year; finishing top of the Pro-Am class at the Monza’s season opener behind the wheel of the number #57 Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. And he has kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his racing career and aspirations.

Which races in the GT3 Blancpain series are you looking forward to the most?

For sure the race of Spa. Last year was my first time at the 24h (24 Hour race) and I was very excited and very concentrated on the race because (it) was the dream of my life to be there.Unfortunately my team mate crashed the car after 2h in a very stupid way. This year I want to win this race and all my efforts are focused on Spa. Dont forget that Spa has double points for the standings.

Your team is all-Italian: was that a conscious decision to have an all Italian team – Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Are your mechanics all Italian too?

All the team is Italian by coincidence, but when i realized that one of my team mate was italian, I spoke to Matteo Bobbi (team principal) and asked him to have a third Italian team mate! One of the pit stop crew guys is french, his name is Jose and he’s one of the best mechanics I ever had even if he’s french and we keep on teasing him!!

What is your goal for this season in Endurance racing?

Our plan is to win the championship. Everyone in the team is working really hard to reach this goal. The Vita4One Italy team needs to win as it’s a new team.

What are your tips for long races/overnight races vs 2-hour races?

Let’s say that each driver has his own way to manage the race. Each driver – according to our strategy – has to drive a double stint so it’s 2hrs, more or less. This means that with a 3 drivers lineup each driver can sleep 3-3:30hrs. We’ll be followed by a team of doctors for our diet and they will provide us relaxing massage. I hope I’ll be able to sleep, but I will tell you after Spa!!

The other option is to go clubbing with Bob Sinclair drinking gin&tonic, as I did last year!

How does the team accomodate for different heights and weights of drivers in the team/car?

Luckily for us, we have the same heights, but the seats are adjustable.

Which racer alive or dead, in any motorsport series do you admire most or aspire to be?

James Hunt, for sure! He was a rockstar not a driver! Nowadays all the drivers are pu***es!

What are your plans for your motorsport aspirations: do you see yourself in Formula 1 someday?

I’m not a professional driver but I’m almost as fast as them. Most of the drivers consider themselves as pro, even if they pay big money to race. This is the reason why I prefer to consider myself a gentleman (racer). I have a rockstar life!

By the way I would like to be successful with GTs and in January, I will participate in the Dakar (Rally)..Who knows..maybe I’ll be a famous Rally Raids driver!

How often do you go to Maranello – or do the cars just arrive from Ferrari with no input from the teams?

The Ferrari GT cars are made by Michelotto, a factory in Veneto. I don’t go to Maranello. All the support comes from Michelotto.

For anyone that doesnt already follow GT racing, use three words to describe why they should watch?

Crash, Fun, Sound!

Photo from 2011 when sponsored by Playboy Italia

My thanks to Eugenio for granting me this interview, you can support and follow him via Twitter @eugenioAmos or by watching his races live on Blancpain Endurance website.

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  1. james

     /  May 9, 2012

    Great interview Dusky, really enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to Spa 24hr, will be looking out for Eugenio!


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