Guest Blog on Australian GP trip

Thanks to @smiling_sarah for agreeing to be interviewed on her trip to Australia for the Grand Prix.

What was your budget and how long in advance did you book flights and accomodation?

I booked my flights in September which cost about £1000, My best friend lives in Melbourne about a half hour walk from Albert Park so I stayed with her.

On arrival how were the locals and temperature?

Temperature for march was perfect mid-late 20’s, it can be colder than that cos it’s their autumn. The locals were very friendly.

Food/availability and variety?

Amazing food, it’s a multicultural city so variety is very good. Al fresco dining is what their all about so you will see loads of cafe’s with outside seating. If you like coffee then Melbourne is the place to go; there are no coffee shop chains, they are all independent shops.

Did you get to go into team-garages or close to them?

I had Silver GP advantage tickets, which included breakfast on the thursday, access to the GP advantage bar, a free gift (coffee cup) and pit lane walk in the morning and afternoon on the thursday.

 How easy or difficult was it getting from track to hotel?

I walked to the track every day but they tripled the number of trams running to albert park and back although the queues were massive. Not sure on the cost.

Entertainment : free or ticketed?

All entertainment was free except there was an after party that you had to pay for if you wanted to go, which had some acts playing (I think Tinie Tempa was one). The off-track entertainment was brilliant, there was Crusty Demons (motorbike stunts and flips) who practised over the 1st 3 days then after the race they had the Crusty Demons cup where they competed for best trick to win $50,000 although the wind was too strong so that was cancelled.

There was also the Cage of Death (or something like that) where there were 4 motobikes in small cage at once all going round in time with each other…it was better than it sounds!

Did you watch Qualifying and the race? Any photos of the race?

I watched all on track action, plenty of photos, not many of the cars though. I’ve been to enough races and have numerous pictures of cars on track.

Amongst whom did you sit, fellow Brits or locals – how was the atmosphere/mood around you?

I sat with 3 locals and a Brit (my best friend who lives there now!) The atmosphere was good but doesn’t have a pinch on the atmosphere at the British GP. Most Aussies are into the V8 supercars which supports the F1, rather than F1.

Were you sitting near a big screen or did you use Fanvision?

No fanvision for me, TV screens were plentiful 🙂

Could you “pour”/get onto the track after the race?

Yeah, we all got onto the track and had a wonder around after the race

Did you stick around after the race or just head off to concert?

We stuck around to watch the crusty demons cup even though it was eventually cancelled.

Which cars impressed you the most?

The Mclarens were awesome

How hot did it get/Was free water provided or were you allowed to take water into the grounds?

Water was fine but you weren’t allowed to take alcohol in and a can of beer was $7!! There was plenty of places to fill your water-bottles up too

Internet/Tweeting: How did you keep tweeting while over there? Did you have a UK data-bundle or use local SIM card?

I tweeted when I got back to my friends house with wifi, for data roaming with o2 it would have cost be £6 per MB!!!!

Fly out and Fly back: were you battling with F1 Journalists?

Dates were perfect for me, no fighting, barely saw any journalists etc… saw a few of the Force India team members. I flew in saturday the week before the race and because I was having a holiday, I flew back 2 weeks after the race.

Would you recommend this event to others?

I would highly recommend the race to any f1 lover 🙂

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  1. We used Amaysim (@AmaysimAU) for the iPad in Melbourne. They used the second biggest Australian 3G network (Optus/Singtel), have very competitive prices and good customer service when you ring them.


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