F1 Tweet-up (updated)

This article was updated on 28th March to announce a prize giveaway by @F1Times, more prizes by @car_lease and @TomRedknap added on 12th April.

In Britain, F1-related events tend to be concentrated in the south of UK – perhaps because that’s where most of the Formula 1 factories are based and journalists are scared of traveling further north of Birmigham(!).

So a few F1 fans on Twitter have suggested organising a meet-up (or Tweet-Up in Twitter parlance) in Manchester, north-west England to watch a race. The Spanish GP (13 May)  is the current race choice and the venue is “The Green @getmetothegreen” near Piccadilly Train Station.

Interested tweeps so far are: @nickyhammerton, @BenGriffin7, @Thrinne1, @moss022, @EmTheEmu, @AdamMoran, @F1_PioneerJen , @F1_Senior, @Thegoodbyegirl1 , @TheSilverZebra, @Butler_F1, @Lauren_Jade_B, @PoshKatt , @mclarenmatey, @Nico888, @F1inPubs,  @McLaren_Lew_F1 , @booti101, @LindaSpencer1 , @mrWebbi, @naijasolar, @iMarfinand @SonnieM.

We’re hoping to have some prizes/giveaways on the day so please spread the word to your friends and leave a comment on this page if you have any suggestions or race preference. Best comment will give a small prize too!

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  1. Lauren (@Lauren_Jade_B)

     /  February 13, 2012

    Spain sounds good to me, if not China or the Hungarian GP. Cheers for organising, should be good!

  2. Alan (reyno_buxworth

     /  February 15, 2012

    Should be able to make Spanish GP. Potentially playing cricket so will try and get out of it!

  3. Have they confirmed to be showing this (all ?) races then ?

  4. if you like the idea of chatting during the race feel free to join in the live chats at http://www.LiveF1chat.com

    New chat room for each race along with the ability to post to your twitter and facebook accounts directly from within the chat room.

  5. Will they be showing qually as well? Much easier for us to get into & out of Manchester on a Saturday 😦 so we may struglle to make races

    • You’ll have to ask the pub about Qualifying as there might be football on that day. All our enquiries so far have been about Sunday’s availability.

  6. I’m interested! 🙂


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