Tyre-d fans

I posed a question about tyre-data (besides compound type) that fans would like to see during races after Pirelli announced they would provide FOM with more data via their Racing Tyre System.

“Pirelli’s Racing Tyre System also returns, with some new functionality. This is a platform created by Pirelli’s engineers in order to record the behaviour and performance of each tyre: information that is shared with the teams and Formula One Management (FOM)”

Here are the most popular responses from some Twitter users.

@lacanta How many laps each set has done prior to the race.

@JamesF1Gamer  Number of laps used and what Tyre sets are left

@F1Claire  If the tyres are brand new, scrubbed etc…

@Formula1Crunch Are the sets new? How many sets they got left?are they driving the same as the closest competitor? How many laps left?

@tyres2u Maybe how many laps the tyres have done too! As you can’t put pressures etc #F1Secret

@MisterPigz Hmmm. Maybe how many laps that current set of tyres are on… but that can easily be calculated via their pitstop lap.

@liamthenry The number of laps the tyres have actually done (including any in practice/qualy)

@ianm44  I believe tyre durations would also come as informative to a viewer.

So generally,  fans want to know “how old” the tyres are and what sets of tyres each driver has left. Personally, I’d also like to know Pirelli’s predicted “cliff-edge” of the tyre-compound (i.e. point at which it begins to degrade) so that we can understand who is managing their tyres better than Pirelli expected or who is being ultra-conservative.

All this information could be calculated or mentioned by commentators, but it’d be easier if it was presented as part of data during races.

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  1. A lot of that information is already available from the Pirelli media releases, at least the number and type of tyres during the race part is, that and whether or not they are scrubbed. What we need is for some kindly person to collate them 😛 I think that F1fanatic already shows a good lot of that data.

    • Unfortunately the data is not presently displayed on the screen during races. That would be handy if it was 🙂

      P.S: Thanks for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

  2. “Unfortunately the data is not presently displayed on the screen during races.

    . Perhaps an alternative question but would you have time to take in yet more data as it happens? I find I miss some of the race already if I’m concentrating on live timing and track position… maybe I just can’t multi-task sufficiently.

  3. Your article was really informative.


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