Happy New Year, New Blog and New Post

Happy New Year Everyone!

To kick off the new year and new blog, I have a special interview with @steppy80 who works in F1. I hope you appreciate that most things in F1 are confidential so some of her responses are deliberately vague for this reason. Also, it is important to emphasise that these comments are her own opinion and not representative of her company.

1) How did you get into “your team”? Undergraduate Course/Work experience etc
I did a degree in Information Systems and went on to work in various IT jobs then worked for another F1 team for 3 years before I started in my current job.

2) How long have you worked there?
3 years and 6 months

3) Do you go to races?  What is your role and what does it involve?
I started going to races this year, my job is Race team infrastructure analyst. I set up and manage the network at the track for mechanics, engineers and marketing and make sure we have all the data we need and can connect back to our factory in the UK. I make sure everything runs smoothly for the time we are there. i.e. servers, laptops, phones, pitwall, garage network. Basically any technology related things you see in the garage!

4) Which is your favourite track to visit? Which track changes a lot each time you visit?
I liked Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Brazil this year! India was an experience!!!

5) Do you get time to go sight-seeing in each country you travel to?
Not very often, but we occasionally get to go and find some local food in the evening or sometimes have an afternoon to explore if we arrive there early!

6) How much interaction do you get with drivers?
We all work as a team so we interact with them (our drivers) as much as we would interact with each other.

7) What percentage of the year are you on holiday?
2 weeks for the shutdown in August and I’ve had a few weeks off in December.

8) If anyone is interested in joining your team or F1 in general, what advice would you give them?
Study hard while at school and follow your dreams! Get as much experience as you can in the field you want to go into and show motivation, willingness and ability to work in a team. Also be prepared to work hard!

I hope this gives you a taste of job opportunities open for “mere mortals” in the sport we love. For other examples of these jobs, please visit @ilariaF1‘s blog at http://ilariaf1blog.wordpress.com.  Thanks again to Stephanie for agreeing to give us a taste of her working life in a sport we all enjoy. Find her on twitter @steppy80 .
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  1. Happy New Year and Happy New Blog too!

    Some sound advice from steppy80, We tend tend to think that it’s just engineers/mechanics and the like who are involved in F1 but there are all sorts of other roles we’re not so aware of so thanks for showing u another side to F1… ponders if I could use my skills and experience for anything F1 related.

    • Yeah, that’s a nice thought – I could use my video and sound montage skills (though last exercised many years ago) to create better Race Edits – honestly, the ones from 2011 were rather mediocre.
      Hats off for that blog post.


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