Drivers’ Meeting at Suzuka

Given Lewis Hamilton’s several issues this season, it is unsurprising that some drivers feel his driving is too aggressive and that he could be a danger to them. One of those drivers is Felipe Massa who had some ‘choice words’ for Hamilton after the Singapore Grand Prix (click here for articles [1] [2] [3]).
Also, Italian blog “Autosprint” and the BBC website reported that Formula 1 drivers had called a meeting with Charlie Whiting in Suzuka to discuss Hamilton’s driving. According to F1 blogger Kate Walker, (from girlRacer and, these meetings are not uncommon but there is a lot of attention on this one because it will be about an exciting yet controversial driver.
I tweeted Heikki Kovalainen to enquire if all drivers would attend this meeting and the Finn (a straight-talking driver who regularly interacts with his followers and fans on Twitter) replied to say: 
“I’m not, I have no problem” – click here for Twitter quote

RacingNewsFlash website also reported his remarks (Finnish website).

Heikki speaks his mind
If this meeting does go ahead, it would be interesting to know what ‘recommendations’ – if any – the race director makes to Hamilton and his team, even though Hamilton has repeatedly declared that he has no intention of changing the way he drives.

Addendum (4th October 2011):
James Allen spoke on TalkSport about this ‘meeting’. Listen to the interview here (courtesy of @iamlewis4fake)

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  1. Kovalainen has his head screwed on, I find it shocking how harsh some people are being to Hamilton.


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