The Highs and the Lows

Just two months ago, the current World Champion of the most demanding and prestigious motorsport of F1, Sebastian Vettel was forbidden to drink the traditional celebratory champagne because he was not old enough to consume alcohol in the host country of Turkey. A few weeks ago Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy (22 years old) became the youngest US Open winner since Bobby Jones in 1923 and the current World Number 1 in Tennis, Novak Djokovic is only 24 years old. 
Too young for bubbly?
Most of these people started in their respective sports at a very young age, through 'active encouragement' by their parents so it is not surprising that they peak early. And as it is being reported that 20% of us will live up to 100, if you reach the pinnacle of your profession – in these cases, sport – at such a young age, what is your next challenge, and how do you stay motivated for the remaining (potentially) 75% of your life?

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  1. Ok, only benefit to Vettel being Champ again this year… He nicks Alonso's title!

  2. Thinking about it, it's pretty impressive that we don't see loads of young athletes going mental in their late 20s/early 30s like the popstars and celebutards seem to do. Guess it's a combination of the discipline and lack of drugs/alcohol.

  3. I often wonder how young a World Champion could be. Could we ever get a teenage Formula 1 World Champion? Would take some doing with so many experienced drivers sticking around for the long haul, but I don't think it's impossible…

  4. I just noticed a blatant over use of 'young age' in this piece. Guess I'm just jealous of their youth….see what I did there!

  5. Interesting insight! If you compare Alonso's, Hamilton's and Vettel's styles of racing, they're actually very similar in terms of aggression and the risk-taking. The execution may be different but the style is more or less the same.I think Daniel Ricciardo will be the next one up there soon!


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