Spanish GP Race Summary: Vettel holds off Hamilton

Spanish GP track Circuit de Catalunya is known to be a VERY difficult place to overtake, and with Fernando Alonso starting in 4th position on Sunday, it seemed impossible that he would gain any places during this race. However by a stroke of good luck and sheer self-belief, Alonso found himself leading the pack by the first corner of this race – to the loud rapturous cheers of his compatriots. Ferrari seemed to have regained some of the race magic that had alluded them so far this season.

Both Red Bull drivers followed Alonso, and Hamilton stayed close to the pair. Biggest loser at the start was Button who fell to 10th place from 5th. Most of the top drivers were on 4-stop strategies so it came as no surprise as Vettel pitted after just 10 laps. 

Ferrari have been accused of ‘espionage’ as they seem to have found a way to pre-empt and mirror every Red Bull pit-stop, particularly for Webber. This didn’t seem to give them much of an advantage though as Alonso finished 5th behind Webber. Jenson Button managed to make the 3-stop strategy work for him and did well to fight his way back up from 10th place and finish on the podium (3rd position).

Hamilton pressured Vettel right to the end, finishing just 0.6seconds behind the Red Bull driver. He would later comment that the RB7 was extremely quick through the high-speed corners and the McLaren’s KERS system wasn’t enough to catch up with the German.

Michael Schumacher finished ahead of his team-mate for the first time this season and Nick Heidfeld drove brilliantly after starting from the pit-lane to score 4 points.

Top 10 drivers: VET, HAM, BUT, WEB, ALO, SCH, ROS, HEI, PER, KOB.

Just 7 more days till the engines roar back to live at the Monaco Grand Prix.

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